What I Did to Get my Girlfriend Back

The girl’s name is Victoria. During that time, she was with someone, however, it never crossed my mind that it was a bit complicated, so I decided to give it a try. In just a couple of months, we already were dating, she had left the man for me. In a period of five months, I got her to move in with me.

Since then everything about us are not the same anymore. The love that I felt before died away and it felt like she did not matter that much to me anymore. I felt I needed to be alone, so I regularly brought work from the office home. No there was no “other woman,” it just came to a point that I was not attracted anymore. We grew apart until she made up her mind and finally left for good.

But you know, a couple of weeks after that, it dawned on me that I longed for her to be back, and this was where the trouble began. I contacted her and she was only able to talk to me for a short time I asked her to come back to me, but she refused straight away. She told me everything was said and done and that I caused her too much pain to gamble with it a second time. I bombarded her with text messages and emails telling her how sad I was and asking her if he could forgive me. I didn’t hear from her since then and have learned later that her phone number was changed and my emails had also been blocked from her inbox.

After that I felt completely destroyed I began to search for ways on how I could make her come back to me once again. I used up so much of my time considering the things that I must do. I started thinking about the things that she loves doing and jotted it all down together with all the things she loves such as books, food, movies and more. After all that I have made up a plan and the only thing that I had to do is to carry out the tasks.

My plan was to send her roses every couple of days, one red and one white, the roses would be brought to her desk at work, by the flower shop near her office. Together with the roses these cards had everything that I felt for her all written.

During Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she stayed late at the office to administer the work of some of her coworkers, as well as update the company records, she usually came home at 9:00pm. I made a trip to her favorite restaurant and handed them a list of food that she liked to send to her office during those days, I told them to deliver it at exactly 9:00pm. Fixed to each of the plates was a short message with a fond or funny memory that we shared.

The plan took a couple of months, before she eventually agreed to go out with me again. When we finally met in the coffee shop, I honestly told her my feelings and how I wanted to give it another chance and this time I would try my very best to make it all better this time. I was really happy that day because she agreed to give me another chance and since that time, things have been great.

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